Calgary Dream Centre
4510 Macleod Trail SW Calgary AB T2G 0A4 (403) 243-5598
Mission Cafe

Social Enterprise

The Lighthouse Mission Café is a hidden gem located just around the back of the Dream Centre. It is open from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM every day, serving an assortment of baked goods, toasted treats, and comforting beverages.

The Lighthouse Mission Café is proud to employ Calgary Dream Centre clients, providing new skills and experience to individuals in recovery. This is an essential aspect of the healing and achievement that all of our clients are working for. Your patronage to our humble café is a bid for a better future.

This addition to our program is very exciting, and we hope you will enjoy your visit. Everything sold at the Lighthouse Mission Café helps us continue to serve people overcoming homelessness and addiction. At the Lighthouse Mission Café, your order means more than we can say.

Connection & Comfort

First and foremost, the Lighthouse Mission Café is a social enterprise that hopes to bring people together.

As community and connection are important to the Dream Centre, we envision this as a meeting place for all. Once a plain, bare, and underused room, the Café is now a warm and cozy space for everyone to appreciate.

We believe it will provide a place to build relationships, make connections, and inspire our city. Come meet a friend for coffee, bring your small group, or host a meeting – the potential is truly endless!

Food Menu

Drink Menu

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