Calgary Dream Centre
4510 Macleod Trail SW Calgary AB T2G 0A4 (403) 243-5598

20 Years of RADIOTHON


Thursday, October 5th

Can you believe it? Our very own alumni have been sharing their powerful stories of hope to the Calgary-area for 20 YEARS on Shine FM!

This year, we have an incredible line up of individuals ready to share their transformation story.

Prepare to be inspired as you hear about what people like Joe have had to overcome.

“By the time I came to the Calgary Dream Centre, I had lost 85 lbs from addiction, homelessness and hunger.  I lived day to day, and moment to moment for food. If I found something to eat in a garbage can, that was really a high point of my day.

Coming here, and having regular meals, has allowed me to lay my foundation for recovery. I’ve noticed that I now have goals, aspirations and hopes that I feel I can actually achieve. I am going to return to school to change my career with the goal of giving back to society which is a complete change for me.” – Joe, CDC Alumni

Tune in on Thursday, October 5th from 6 AM- 6 PM on SHINE FM to hear the rest of Joe’s story.


A Chance to Partner

We are giving our community the chance to invest into the story of someone overcoming addiction, hunger and homelessness on Radiothon Day!

For a gift as little as $3.89, you can give someone like Joe a nourishing meal and access to addiction treatment, safe housing, case management, career guidance and so much more…


Ways to Give on Radiothon Day

Call 403-214-5490 or give online. 

We sure hope you join us! 

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