Living in Recovery: Addiction Program

Living in Recovery is the first major step in the process of life change for men struggling with addiction. This seven week intensive program helps individuals overcome their addictions and build the foundation for a strong, healthy life. Our program has successfully adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy integrated with the Twelve Steps from the Hazelden model. Our low cost program provides accommodation, meals, medical and psychological support, case management, spiritual care, and addictions counseling as well as onsite Twelve Step Meetings. Our holistic model of care enables more men to go home to their families, contribute to their communities, and experience lasting life change.

“The program here was the best 49 days of my life; living in recovery encouraged my faith, expanded my knowledge about addictions, and the staff gave me hope.”

— Gordon, Living in Recovery program graduate

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Youth in Recovery

Our Youth Program offers assistance to young men between the ages of 18-25.  Our low cost Youth Program includes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, relapse prevention, addiction counseling, case management, process groups, and living in balance training. The program is specifically tailored to the individual’s strengths and needs through the work of our specialized team. This program also has opportunities for fun outdoor activities that help establish healthy outlets and leisure for the youth. Within the program the participants also have the opportunity to form long-lasting healthy relationships and experience peer-to-peer support which provides encouragement as they grow and overcome the hurdles of life and addiction.

“This program showed me that there is more to life than drugs or alcohol. I have never been in a place where I feel more connected and supported than I do here.”

— Isaac, Youth in Recovery graduate

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Women in Recovery

Through our partnership with Aventa, we provide a safe, affordable home to women who are struggling with addiction. We understand that women have different needs than those of men, and we seek to meet their needs through individual care and commitment.

Safe, sober communal living for women who have just completed treatment. Our transitional housing is focused on helping women who are ready to build on their foundation of sobriety. Linen, meals, peer support, fitness and recreation time is provided to all women in the house. This program is focused on intensive counselling, case management, employment coaching, and support as the women gradually enter back into a healthy daily routine and learn to be contributing members of society.

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