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Family Support

Family Support Services

Strengthening your family against the strain of addiction.

Addiction can cause deep hurt, division, and damage to a family. Although it is terribly difficult sometimes, it’s very important that loved ones stand together against addiction, both for the benefit of the person struggling with addiction and for the wellbeing of the family at large.

Our family program, ReVisioning the Family, empowers loved ones to maintain healthy relationships while prioritizing their own health.

What to Expect

This eight-week program is broadcast live over the internet once a week from the Dream Centre. Though it is a video-based experience, the program is fully interactive, offering information and support. All you need to participate in the program is an internet connection and a device with internet access like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You’ll connect with others in similar situations, and learn how to process, manage, and communicate your emotions in a constructive way.

The first two weeks of this program focus on laying the solid foundation you need to enact real change. During this period we will introduce you to the course and show you how to succeed. We will help you learn about the language of addiction and what the role family members play in the recovery process.

During this period you will begin to take your first steps towards a healthy and fulfilling life by learning to recognize the signs of addiction and learning how to set healthy boundaries.

The focus during the fifth and sixth weeks of this program is learning how to love someone in addiction. It also covers what enabling behaviour looks like, and what forms this behaviour takes. This period also focuses on rebuilding trust.

During the final two weeks, we will focus on making healthy choices going forward, what tools you can use to accomplish your goal, and how you can help build a “revisioned” family. We will also discuss how to understand slips and relapses. Even once you have completed your eight week program, you aren’t alone. We strongly encourage you to stay in touch and remain connected to the Calgary Dream Centre.

What’s Included

ReVisioning the Family is transmitted weekly through a virtual classroom. You and your loved ones can tune into the live broadcast from your device wherever is most comfortable for you. You’ll be given all the support you need throughout the course.


This program is designed to help you process your feelings while providing an education on the psychological basis of addiction. Through ReVisioning the Family, you will develop a better understanding of how addiction impacts an individual as well as their loved ones.


A large part of this program is helping the loved ones of individuals struggling with addictions understand the importance and necessity of self-care. We will help you devise ways to care for your own physical and emotional needs while providing support to your loved one.


As a faith-based organization, we believe in the restorative power of spiritual healing. We are pleased to offer on-site support, and would be happy to help you and your family find a connection with a church community.

  • Training on how best to help those struggling with addiction
  • Education of the clinical and relational aspects of addiction
  • Help setting healthy boundaries without enabling or encouraging destructive behaviour
  • Healing and redefining your family in the face of addiction

Apply for ReVisioning the Family

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