Ashley: Journey towards better health

Raised by her adopted grandmother Ashley came to the Women’s program after being homeless for an extensive period. Struggling with addiction and facing the loss of her kids to family members, she was left with a dilemma to either continue feeding her addiction or to make a change and get sober. With no money and nowhere to go and nothing to eat, Ashley was down on her luck, seeking a way to break the cycle of addiction.

Ashley is now 6-months sober living in recovery with seven other women in a safe supportive community home. With a new found perspective in life, she is determined to remain healthy and sober with a great interest to learn about proper nutrition and how to remain active.

With support from fellow sisters in recovery, the women’s home provide cooking classes with volunteers, where female residents can learn proper meal planning and new recipes on a weekly basis. Inspired by this opportunity, Ashley is excited to learn new healthy recipes to soon share with her children!

You can make a difference by helping a woman and/or mother in need by sponsoring a warm meal this Winter!