A Message from the Executive Director

As I reflect on the past year, I am overwhelmed by the support shown by all of our donors and volunteers. When many people lost their jobs due to the recession in Calgary, I remember praying to God, “Lord, you are really going to have to intervene for us.” As the year progressed, miracle after miracle happened, and our donors continued to give what they could despite the hard times. I’m thankful not only to the Lord, but to all those who blessed us.

Holidays can be especially tough for our clients, bringing up past memories and a sense of loss and loneliness. I want to thank everyone who gave in honour of the Christmas season! With your support, everyone came together for a special Christmas meal, sharing together in laughter and joy.

God has great things in store for us this year, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish by working together. I hope you will join the Dream Centre once again to bring hope and transformation to our city!




Jim Moore
CEO/Executive Director

Jacob's Story

My name is Jacob and the Calgary Dream Centre has changed my life.

I grew up in northern Manitoba as the middle child of nine children. We didn’t have much, but my parents worked hard and took care of us. When I had my own children I looked to the example of my parents and put everything I had into providing a good life for them.

I worked many jobs until I was about 45, when I discovered my passion for the mountains. I began to work up in Kananaskis at a ski resort and ended up working there for 30 years. Within that time I began to drink socially.

By the time I was 68, I couldn’t go longer than a day without drinking. I realized that alcohol was controlling my life, and that I had a problem. My doctors began to warn me that if I didn’t cut back there could be serious health consequences.

I attempted to achieve sobriety on my own but was unsuccessful. For five years I continued to struggle with alcoholism.

On June 10, 2014 I was driving down the mountain to buy more beer when I hit a snow drift. My head got busted on the windshield. It was five kilometers to get down to the town or two kilometers to get back to my trailer, so I walked to my trailer and took care of the injury myself. It wasn’t until five days after the accident that I made it to the hospital.

The minute I came to the Dream Centre I felt secure.” —Jacob

After my accident I went to stay with my daughter. While I was there I had a heart attack and I ended up needing open-heart surgery. These events were a rude awakening for me in the face of my alcoholism, and I realized that I had been destroying my life. When I was done recovering from surgery it occurred to me that I had been sober for six weeks. I desperately wanted to continue in the path of sobriety and began to look for addiction recovery programs.

The minute I came to the Dream Centre I felt secure. They equipped me with the tools I needed to succeed in my sobriety. I began to understand what relapse prevention meant and how the spiritual intertwines with the physical. Graduating from the program, I felt so supported by those around me. I realized that, as the Dream Centre poured positivity into me, I began to pour positivity into the people around me.

I have now officially been sober six months and I want to continue to succeed more than anything else. I feel motivated to stay healthy so that I can take my grandkids hiking, camping, and skiing just like I did with their parents. With the support of my family I know I can stay sober for the rest of my life. And the Dream Centre has given me the tools to do it.

The Dream Centre has given me my life back. I plan to use it wisely.

How Can I Do More?

Last December, Jolene, one of the Dream Centre’s faithful volunteers, received a text from Kim, the manager of our women’s program. She was asking for prayer for the participants in the women’s program.

Jolene prayed, but then her daughter asked if there was something else they could be doing. “I just couldn’t get it out of my head,” says Jolene. “I pray and I pray, but do I do?

After speaking with Kim, they arranged that Jolene would visit the women’s house on a regular basis. It started with coffee and cookies, but then she began to bring over dinner. They would eat together, play cards, go on walks and just get to know each other.

“These women are fighting to have a good life. I’m in their corner and I want to spend time with them.” – Jolene, Volunteer

Inspired by this act of kindness and generosity, the women in the program decided to start giving back. First they made dinner for Jolene, and then it progressed to cooking a meal and bringing it to someone else in need.

For Jolene, this has become more than volunteering. “These women are fighting to have a good life,” she says, “I’m in their corner and I want to spend time with them.

Looking Forward to 2018

Easter is Around the Corner! Join Us to Celebrate New Life!

In just two months, we’ll be hosting our annual Easter dinner! We are already busily preparing the menu. Every year, this holiday, centred around hope and new life, is a symbolic time for the men and women in our recovery programs.

As guests gather with family and friends, they can share in the joy of their accomplishments and the hope for a brighter future. When an individual feels the support of community, they are better equipped for long-term success and sobriety. We are so grateful to our generous donors for supporting transformation at the Dream Centre.

“In 2018 I hope to be in school, stay sober, get a job and save some money.” – Sid “I’m currently going to school and so I hope by next year I will be an addictions counselor.”
– Hayden
“I hope to move out of the Dream Centre and into my own place. I hope to have a job and maintain my sobriety. I also want a dog.”
– Andrew

Please give this Easter to support hope and new beginnings for people in recovery!