Our Programs

Each of our programs aim to meet clients where they are at in their journey. Individuals in all of our programs are invited to take part in all the Dream Centre has to offer whether it be help with referrals, resources, extra support, community housing, and even holiday meals in our Tower.

Men’s Recovery

Our Living in Recovery program is the first major step that someone takes toward life change. It’s a seven week intensive program that helps men overcome their addictions and build the foundation for a strong, healthy life. Accommodations, meals, counseling, Twelve Step Meetings and other supports are all a part of this program.

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Youth Program

Youth in Recovery is specifically geared towards young men between the ages of 18-25 and tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant. It includes dialectical behaviour therapy, relapse prevention, addiction counseling, case management, process groups and living in balance training. Everyone is also invited to go on a life-affirming, group-bonding and recovery-focused camping trip!

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Women’s Post Recovery Program

Through a strong community partnership with Aventa and other treatment centres we provide safe affordable housing to women struggling with the disease of addiction. We understand that women have different needs than men and we seek to meet their needs by meeting the client where they are at and providing wrap-around care.

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We believe that addiction is a family disease, a chronic progressive disease that changes the physiology of a person which in turn impacts families on a deep level. If you know someone struggling with addiction or are looking for a resource to help families of addicts we offer an online 8 week deliverable. All you need is receiving technology, like a laptop or a smart phone, and an internet connection. Throughout this program you will be connected to a supportive community of others like you. We will help you work through your feelings and emotions, learn to set up boundaries, and most importantly encourage you to give yourself permission for self-care. We will help you gain a mindful understanding of addiction, strive to reach a measure of inner healing, and help you become equipped to best support your loved one.

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From living on the streets to coming to the Calgary Dream Centre, the biggest transition was getting regular meals. The meals gave me the fuel to keep going and focus on my recovery. And eating together with everyone brought us all together and helped us build a community.

Transitional Housing

Are you struggling to find a safe place to live while working on your sobriety? Our Tower on Macleod Trail offers support for men in Calgary actively working on obtaining and maintaining housing. We will take care of your meals, linens, and basic toiletries. You will be given a case manager who can assist you in discovering your dreams and working towards your goals. When you move into the Dream Centre you become a part of our family, a family in recovery that encourages accountability and connection. We have CA/AA meetings, churches on site, and access to various other supports during your time here.

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Long-Term Community Housing

Are you actively working on your sobriety but still need a live-in support network of like-minded individuals before moving out on your own? Our community houses offer just that. We provide housing, case management, accountability and recovery support for men. You will be living in a house with other men who have started their journey of sobriety. Our affordable housing encourages you to build connection with your housemates and get engaged in the Dream Centre community as you work on your dreams and discover your destiny; whether that be actively searching for work or taking a deeper look at yourself as a person to understand who you are and what you can give to yourself and those around you.

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I have never known the community, support, and love that I’ve found here at the Dream Centre. It’s helped me turn into the woman that I always knew I could be.


Every day at the Dream Centre, our wonderful kitchen team creates three hearty meals for our guests. The nutrition provides strength and the act of sharing it together is comforting and encouraging for our guests. Regular meals are an important part of a healthy routine and we believe that transformation can start with a meal in community.

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Transformation through these programs is only possible with the support of people like you! Explore further to learn more about how you can help the Dream Centre grow.

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