Calgary Dream Centre
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Housing Programs

Everyone deserves to have a safe and restorative place where they can be themselves. Our housing programs are designed to take some of the stress out of the recovery process and help you get back on your feet by providing you with a supportive and comfortable home base.

Types of Housing

Whether you are in transition or looking for a more long-term way to re-enter the community, the Calgary Dream Centre will help you find an affordable place where you can work on your recovery and build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Transitional Housing

Located in our building on Macleod Trail, we offer transitional housing to men who need a safe place to live while working on their recovery. Each client is given a case manager, access to 12-step meetings, onsite church services and other supports. Meals, linens, and basic toiletries are all included with transitional housing.

Community Housing

Community housing is designed to be more of a long-term solution for those escaping homelessness and addiction, offering a balance of independence, support, and accountability. You’ll share one of our community homes with other men or women with similar goals to your own. With affordable community housing, you can work towards your independence one day at a time.

What’s Included?

Our housing programs are designed to meet your physical needs so you can focus on your recovery.


Through the support of like-minded peers, you can fortify your own sobriety. The knowledge that you are safe and secure allows you to devote more energy to your recovery.


With nutritious meals, a comfortable place to sleep, and the knowledge that you are in a safe place, both your body and mind will be in a better position to take positive steps forward in building your new life.


As a faith-based organization, the Calgary Dream Centre offers spiritual mentoring and spiritual counselling to all of our clients. We can also help you get connected with a church community so you can grow spiritually.

Apply for Housing

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