Calgary Dream Centre
4510 Macleod Trail SW Calgary AB T2G 0A4 (403) 243-5598

None of this would have been possible without the Dream Centre and those who support it. Without a place where I was given three meals a day, a bed, lots of love, and lots of smiles, I would be somewhere very dark. The Dream Centre changed my life, and now I can change lives too.

~ Randy

Thank You for Giving Recovery!

Thank you for supporting the Calgary Dream Centre when we needed it most! At this time of year, we are often busily preparing for our annual Christmas Gala to thank all the generous people who have stood with us throughout the year. Your name would have been on that list, and I want you to know your support has truly been felt.

I am eager for the day when we can safely gather again, but until then, we have prepared a video for you to watch. I hope you are inspired to continue being bold with your generosity, because when you are, life change happens.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping individuals overcome homelessness and addiction this year!

Merry Christmas,

Jim Moore, CEO

Give To Support Recovery

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