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Men’s Addiction Recovery Program

We work with you, wherever you are in your recovery process.

It is never too late to start building a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. No matter where you’re at in your recovery, we will work with you to help make real and sustainable life changes. No matter what you have been through, we promise you won’t be met with judgement or condemnation. Our program is designed to help you become the person you want to be. The journey toward a better path is possible when you have support around you.

What to Expect

The process starts with an application. We offer walk-in interviews every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you prefer, you can apply using the form below instead. Once the process is complete, and your application is accepted, you’ll move into our Macleod Trail building, where you’ll live full-time for 90 days. Once you have completed your 90 day program, you are welcome to continue living at the Calgary Dream Centre under our Transitional Housing Program, giving you the opportunity to strengthen your recovery.

A successful recovery strategy includes a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. While here, you will participate in group classes where you will learn about mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, relapse prevention, and spiritual foundations.

In addition to this you will be paired with a recovery-oriented Case Manager who will work with you to create a unique plan driven by individualized care through one-on-one meetings, and group activities that can include recovery meetings, fitness, equine assisted learning*, and a woodworking skills program. 

**Equine assisted learning is a unique experience with horses that encourages growth, confidence, and self-discovery. Offered through Equine Connection, this program teaches mindfulness, helps participants release stress and tension, and creates a peaceful environment for reflection.**

Recovery isn’t just about what you’re not doing. It’s about incorporating new habits and passions into your life that provide connection and structure. When we enter a healthy community, we become healthy as well. Nobody can tell you how to change, but we can show you a different way, and you might just realize it’s the thing you have been looking for all along.

Here, you will find acceptance and understanding that will allow you to heal through love and self-compassion.

We’ll start by getting you settled, helping you move into our building, making sure you have everything you need, and showing you around. You’ll take a look at your schedule for the next 90 days, and meet your roommate. It won’t take long for you to start making connections and building friendships with other clients. We’ll introduce you to your addictions counsellor, your case manager, and your program director; all of whom will be there to guide you on your recovery journey.

By this point, you’ll have established a routine of healthy living with nutritious meals, healthy leisure time, and even going to the gym! You will be working with your case manager, addictions counsellor, program director, and mental health clinician to look at your addiction and trace it back to its roots. In addition to group counselling, you will participate in one-on-one research-based therapy and take part in programs that are specific to your addiction recovery

As you reach the end of the program, you’ll start getting ready for your graduation. By now, you’ll have built a number of strong and healthy friendships, which can continue to be a support system for you after you graduate. Together with your case manager, you will have put together a relapse prevention plan, and started making plans for the future, including things like whether you’ll move in with family or pursue community housing. You’ll continue to work with your addiction counsellor and case manager through your last week of the program.

What’s Included

Whether it’s counselling or a safe place to sleep, our Men’s Recovery program includes practically everything you need to devote your time and attention to recovery.


Through learning different types of skills, we can help you rediscover who you are outside of addiction. We’ll also help you come to terms with the impact your substance use may have had on others.


You’ll be provided with the essentials to properly care for your physical needs, including three square meals a day made using nutritious ingredients, living accommodations in the Macleod Trail building, and all the necessities of daily life like linens, toiletries, and even access to a gym. With all of your physical needs met, you’re in a better position to focus on recovery.


As a faith-based organization, we believe that every individual has intrinsic value and deserves to feel loved. That’s why we make a point of providing classes that include spiritual foundations as well as opportunities to meet with a chaplain and access to a faith community and programming.

  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Mindfulness
  • Regular one-on-ones with a recovery-oriented case manager
  • Process groups
  • Aftercare support
  • Equine Assisted Learning
  • 12 Step Programming
  • Life skills
  • Woodworking
  • Bedding & Towels
  • Basic Toiletries
  • Gym pass
  • Fitness opportunities
  • Living quarters
  • Meals
  • Peer support

Apply for Men’s Recovery

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