Men’s Recovery

Men’s Recovery is the first major step in the process of life change for men struggling with addiction here in Calgary. Through this donor-funded seven week intensive program, many individuals have overcome their addictions and rebuilt foundations for strong, healthy lives.

We’ve successfully adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and integrated it with the Twelve Steps from the Hazelden model. The program also provides accommodation, meals, medical and psychological support, case management, spiritual care, and addictions counseling. Through this holistic model of care, more men are able to return home to their families, contribute to their communities, and experience lasting life change.

“The program here was the best 49 days of my life; living in recovery encouraged my faith, expanded my knowledge about addictions, and the staff gave me hope.” —Gordon, Men’s Recovery program graduate

I remember that day very well, as I walked through the doors of the Dream Centre. The staff there, they showed me that I'm important, and that I deserve a break. And I deserve to move forward in my recovery.

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