Women’s Recovery

Through our partnership with Aventa, we provide a safe, affordable home to women who are struggling with addiction. We understand that women have different needs than those of men, and we seek to meet their needs through individual care and commitment.

The women’s home backs onto a beautiful park, encouraging therapeutic outdoor activities. One of the cornerstones of this program is our demonstration that being an active member in the community is integral to good health. While in our program, our guests take part in community initiatives such as rebuilding the park’s duck pond or assisting with gardening. Each woman receives complete, wrap-around services that include subsidized rent, utilities, food, education, counselling, recreation, fitness and many other offerings to help them rebuild strong, healthy lives.

“It’s such a blessing to have some independence, but also community, and to be in a place where everyone I know is working toward the same goals.” —Mel, Women’s Recovery

I remember that day very well, as I walked through the doors of the Dream Centre. The staff there, they showed me that I'm important, and that I deserve a break. And I deserve to move forward in my recovery.

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