Women’s Post Recovery Program

Through our partnership with Aventa, we provide a safe, affordable home to women who are struggling with addiction. We understand that women have different needs than those of men, and we seek to meet their needs through individual care and commitment.

Our Women’s Program aims to create unity and family through healing. Our extensive program for ten women is centered on getting to know your heart, understanding the depth of your character, building on your resiliency and learning to communicate effectively in sobriety. We will walk alongside you with support, empathy, and understanding with a program specifically created with women in mind. If you are looking for a safe haven or if you are getting out a treatment and need an extension of recovery programming before you re-enter the community this program may be for you.

“It’s such a blessing to have some independence, but also community, and to be in a place where everyone I know is working toward the same goals.” —Mel, Women’s Recovery

I remember that day very well, as I walked through the doors of the Dream Centre. The staff there, they showed me that I'm important, and that I deserve a break. And I deserve to move forward in my recovery.

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