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Whenever you give, you make a direct impact on people who are working toward recovery at the Dream Centre. We’re immensely grateful for every gift that is given—no matter how small or large.

With consistent help, even more men and women who are struggling can find mercy, compassion and life-transforming resources here.

Would you consider joining our exclusive group of nearly 100 monthly donors by becoming a Partner of Change today? You have the opportunity to bring daily transformation to people who are desperately seeking change, but need the tools to accomplish it. Your monthly gift would help enormously in sustaining this community of people who have so much potential, with your regular donations rapidly adding up to one major contribution. Stable, dependable funds are so important, because the Dream Centre is about long-term support for our guests—providing lasting care for the whole person.

We're at nearly 100 Partners of Change Members.
The average monthly donation is $33.

Please help break the cycle of addiction and poverty in Calgary—one life at a time—by signing up right here, today! Your gift will be automatically given on the same day each month, so you never need to worry about forgetting. And if you ever want to stop the monthly gifts, you can do it anytime by simply calling us at (403) 243-5598 or emailing us at

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