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Alex’s Transformation StoryAlex's Story

I started dabbling with drugs and alcohol when I was 14 years old. If I could go back and tell teenage Alex about the damage this would do later in life, I would. I just thought experimenting and partying were normal. Everyone around me did, too. My addiction just grew from there.

My addiction would get better and worse over the years. Selling drugs was a regular activity in my circle and I did that for a while but quit when I met my partner, and we had our daughter. I wasn’t in active addiction when we had her.

My daughter’s mother and I split when she was four months old. We shared custody for a while, but I eventually cared for her full-time. I took pride and ownership of my role as a single father. I changed my daughter’s diapers and taught her the alphabet and numbers. I’m so grateful I could be present for those early years.

After several years of being her sole caregiver, I lost my job. I had no income to support her, and the only way I knew to make quick money was to sell drugs. I went back into dealing to provide for her until I could find a new job, but I ended up falling back into my addiction. After some time, I realized I needed help and asked my father if he would take my daughter so I could go into treatment.

I moved to Calgary and entered into addiction recovery treatment.  My first Father’s Day away was really hard. I was going through withdrawal and was in such rough shape I didn’t even get to speak to my daughter. After my second time in treatment, I applied to the Calgary Dream Centre’s housing program. 

Coming to the Calgary Dream Centre was what I needed to do to set myself up for success. It’s one of the best things I could have done after treatment. Being here gave me a sense of comfort, security, and accountability. What I learned has helped me in my journey of regaining custody of my daughter.

Where I’m at today is a complete 180 from where I was in addiction. I’ve since moved on from the CDC so I can live close to my daughter, and I am working on transitioning to having her back with me full-time. I have a job and dream of owning my own house again soon. 

Having my daughter in my life this Father’s Day means the world to me. She’s my little girl, after all! Being around her makes me feel like a Dad again. I’m grateful for how I’ve been able to earn her trust back.

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