Message from our Executive Director

As we move further into the new year, I have been reflecting on all we have accomplished over our history as an organization. As you may know, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year - a milestone I am so proud to be part of!

In the 10 years we have been at work, we have helped over 4000 men restore their dignity, discover their destiny, and realize their dreams. 800 have graduated our treatment program, and 189 are now stably housed. We have accomplished so much and come so far. I feel incredibly blessed for the support that has made it all possible; none of it would be without our community or our amazing donors.

This has been an especially exciting year for Calgary Dream Centre: we launched our new youth program, and in this first year we will see 30 young men return to their families with the tools they need to succeed. We unveiled our brand new website, which, through your generosity, allowed us to raise more money than ever before this Christmas season.

With this year’s unprecedented support we will be able to add to our programs and bolster our resources. But most importantly, we will be able to reach out to more men caught in cycles of addiction and give them a hand up. It is thanks to you, our invaluable donors, that we are able to continue and grow our work.

Easter is quickly approaching, the spirit of renewal is on everyone’s mind. Though we do celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during this time of year, we also see the resurrection of nature around us and we also witness the rebirth of the spirit right here at Calgary Dream Centre.

Renewal is a central theme in all we do; each time someone takes a step forward they are moving towards a new stage in their lives, rebuilding connections and healing themselves. When they return to the community, it is an incredible transformation.

Without your support, none of this year’s successes would have been possible. I am so thankful to you and I look forward to sharing more stories of hope and renewal with you.

Jim Moore
CEO / Executive Director

Living in Recovery: Youth Addiction Program Focus

Living in Recovery is the first major step in the process of life change. Guests are eased into life at the Dream Centre by our supportive, compassionate staff. Aside from accommodation and meals, this program includes a variety of supports to build the foundation our guests need to rise into recovery: AA and NA meetings onsite, medical support, case management, spiritual care, addictions counseling and opportunities for physical fitness.

Our Youth Addiction Program is a version of Living in Recovery, specially tailored to young men between the ages of 18-25. Though the Youth Addiction Program is only in its first year, we have already seen incredible success stories come out of it. Marty is one of these successes.

Just five months ago, Marty was homeless, addicted, and losing hope. But that changed after coming to our Youth Program. “My life was spiraling out of control. After two different visits to the psych ward and attempts at treatment centers, I finally hit rock bottom and I knew that drastic changes needed to be made.”

Two months later, and Marty is an inspiration. Since graduating in November, he is now five months sober, working full-time at a job he loves, and has reconnected with his family. As he begins to think about his future, his focus is on applying the tools he has learned at CDC to keep putting one foot in front of the other, every day.

“It’s here at the CDC that I have found new hope, my dignity has been restored, and I have started to become the man that I truly want to be.”

Our Process of Transformation
At Calgary Dream Centre we believe in a step-by-step process of recovery, with each level solidifying the tools and strategies learned in the last. Each of the three components guides men through the process of escaping addiction, finding housing, and finally, transitioning back into the community.

Calgary Dream Centre is celebrating its tenth birthday! In the ten years we have been open, we have seen hundreds of men conquer their addictions and successfully rejoin their communities, and many are stably housed.

This Easter, to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary, please join us in providing someone struggling with homelessness and addiction with a hot meal and a sense of community. Your support today will help facilitate transformations for the next 10 years, and beyond.

Just $3.89 will provide a warm
and nourishing meal to someone in need.

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