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A lady in a white knitted shirt is covering her face with her both hands and a distorted shadow of her screaming.

How Addiction Affects Mental Health

Addiction and mental health are delicately intertwined. People struggling with addiction can often experience diminished mental health, particularly when they feel like they have no resources or a support system to turn toward. Understanding how addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to mental health issues and how to recognize symptoms of mental illness is […]

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A dark, shadowy image of a person about to put a pill in their mouth.

Why Do People Get Addicted to Drugs?

Almost 21% of the Canadian population will experience addiction at some point in their lives. Drug addictions account for a significant portion of addicted people, with some common examples being cannabis and opioid painkillers.  It’s crucial to understand how people get addicted to drugs in the first place before we can provide any help. Learning […]

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Sad girl standing in middle of parents concerned about mother and father with addiction

What Should I Do If Addiction Runs in My Family?

Approximately 21% of the Canadian population will experience addiction at some point in their lives—that is almost 6 million people. How does this happen? How does one become addicted to substances like methamphetamines, cocaine, or opioids, or even to a behaviour like gambling? You may have heard people say that they have an “addictive personality.” […]

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Illustration showing effects of addiction on bran with the use of drugs, alcohol bottles, and needles.

How Addiction Changes the Brain & How You Think

Addiction can have an extremely powerful impact on the brain. As complex creatures that are affected by hormones and chemical reactions, understanding how the brain works with the effects of addition is important. Even though it may be difficult, addiction can be treated. This treatment requires breaking down the addictive connections that have formed in […]

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Friends chatting about recovery from alcoholism

The Stages of Recovery for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease that develops gradually, causing significant chemical changes to the brain. If you spot a loved one drinking more and more frequently, they may be experiencing the effects of alcoholism. Recovering from alcoholism is a slow and steady process and can eventually lead to a fulfilling life not ruled by alcohol.  There […]

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Circle of supportive men and women in addiction treatment program

The Differences In Addiction Recovery For Women vs. Men

Recovering from an addiction is a unique process for every person who goes through it, but specific trends do exist for different groups. Understanding these trends can give friends, family members, and other supporters valuable insight into a given person’s situation—and may improve the effectiveness of recovery efforts. Men and women often recover from addiction […]

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The Science Behind Healthy Living & Recovering From Addiction

Living under the burden of addiction is exhausting, discouraging, and frustrating. Unfortunately, for many people, recovery feels just as difficult if not more so. Between fighting cravings, restoring damaged relationships, and all of the other struggles associated with overcoming addiction, people often find that the lifestyle they developed during their addiction does not support their […]

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Life After Treatment: What Needs To Change?

There is a popular saying: you have to rebuild your life around recovery, not fit recovery into your life. It goes without staying that recovery is more than stopping the addictive behavior. It is a  complete lifestyle change that spans a lifetime. Stopping the behaviour is the first step, what comes after is often the […]

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