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The Connection Between Anxiety & Addiction

For people living with addiction, anxiety can be both a cause and an effect, a frequent companion through the highs and lows of substance abuse. Understanding this connection is not just about tracing the path of the problem but also about illuminating a path to recovery. To successfully recover from addiction while grappling with a […]

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A man with a sad expression sitting in a bar and holding a glass of alcohol

The 5 Stages of Addiction

Addiction isn’t a one-time event; it’s a journey that unfolds through various stages. Each person’s path with addiction is unique, with the duration and intensity of each stage differing from one individual to another. Recognizing and understanding these stages can be instrumental in breaking the cycle and seeking help, whether for yourself or a loved […]

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A man sitting at a table with a glass of beer in his one hand and holding his head with the other.

How to Help Addicts in Denial

As a family member of someone experiencing addiction, watching them refuse to acknowledge their problem can be frustrating, heartbreaking and even infuriating.  Addiction can cause people to lose sight of the truth, leaving them unaware of their behaviour’s negative impact on themselves and those around them. However, with guidance for addiction, it is possible to […]

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A slanted image of a man holding his forehead with his right hand and looking down at a glass of brown liquor in his left hand

Telltale Signs of Addiction

Substance use disorder—commonly known as addiction—is a complex medical condition that can affect people differently. Substance use is common for many people and occurs at many different levels, so it can be difficult to know when a person’s behaviour and habits signal a change from beneficial or low-risk use to high-risk use and substance abuse […]

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Group of men and women smiling and drinking alcohol

How Peer Pressure Can Lead to Addiction

As we navigate growing up, building friendships, and finding our place in social circles, encounters with peer pressure are all too common. These moments present us with choices that might go against our personal beliefs and values, particularly when it comes to using substances like drugs and alcohol. While peer pressure is often associated with […]

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A lady in a white knitted shirt is covering her face with her both hands and a distorted shadow of her screaming.

How Addiction Affects Mental Health

Addiction and mental health are delicately intertwined. People struggling with addiction can often experience diminished mental health, particularly when they feel like they have no resources or a support system to turn toward. Understanding how addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to mental health issues and how to recognize symptoms of mental illness is […]

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A dark, shadowy image of a person about to put a pill in their mouth.

Why Do People Get Addicted to Drugs?

Almost 21% of the Canadian population will experience addiction at some point in their lives. Drug addictions account for a significant portion of addicted people, with some common examples being cannabis and opioid painkillers.  It’s crucial to understand how people get addicted to drugs in the first place before we can provide any help. Learning […]

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Sad girl standing in middle of parents concerned about mother and father with addiction

What Should I Do If Addiction Runs in My Family?

Approximately 21% of the Canadian population will experience addiction at some point in their lives—that is almost 6 million people. How does this happen? How does one become addicted to substances like methamphetamines, cocaine, or opioids, or even to a behaviour like gambling? You may have heard people say that they have an “addictive personality.” […]

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