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A Message from Executive Director, Craig Hill


Craig Hill here, Executive Director of the Calgary Dream Centre (CDC). 

You may have seen our recent communication regarding the retirement of Jim Moore, our previous CEO. With Jim now settled into retirement, you may be wondering, what is next for the CDC? 

As Jim’s successor, I want to take a moment to assure you that the CDC will continue to carry on the good work we’ve been doing over the past 20 years. We are blessed to have a solid foundation and a fantastic team.

Together, we are returning to our roots and dreaming BOLD dreams about expanding our resources so we can impact and influence more individuals in our city.

Why are these our roots? The CDC’s story begins with a bold dream. I remember where it all began with First Assembly Church, as a group of us dreamed about starting an organization that would help the homeless and hurting restore their dignity, discover their destiny, and realize their dreams. 

Conversations shifted to plans, and plans led to the purchase of a building. I was there the day we took possession of our main facility and watched as the chains came off the doors and the building was transformed for a new purpose.

Despite owning a beautifully renovated building, the CDC had a very humble beginning, with only 12 residents registered for the first recovery program. It’s incredible to think about how we have now grown to influence thousands of lives positively. What a privilege it has been to watch this beautiful story unfold.

I didn’t know back then that I would be part of the CDC’s future 20 years later, but I am grateful this is where I have landed. There’s something so special happening in this place, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

I genuinely love working with the people here, staff and residents alike. They are a rich and diverse group of individuals that I am dedicated to serving well. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead them as together we work to help Calgarians coming from a place of brokenness be restored. 

I look forward to dreaming boldly with you, our valued community, as we enter this exciting new season together.

Most sincerely,

Craig Hill

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    Craig Hill has been involved with the Calgary Dream Centre (CDC) since its inception. Starting with trips to the LA Dream Centre where seeds were planted in him that were never forgotten. After years of working in business, real estate, and church ministry, Craig returned to the CDC to step in as the CEO. Craig has a deep appreciation for the life change that happens here, the incredible team, and seeing the redemptive work that God is doing. Outside of work, Craig is a family man who loves nothing more than being with his wife and kids at the lake.

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