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Addiction Hope Forum: First Responders and the Opioid Crisis

Tune in this week on the Addiction Hope Forum as we discuss the opioid crisis with Calgary Fire Chief Steve Dongsworth.

Over the last year more and more of the people who come through our doors have been telling us how their lives were saved by first responders, including the Calgary Fire Department. To delve deeper into this topic, we have reached out to Steve Dongsworth, Calgary’s own Fire Chief, and asked him to come and speak on our radio show Addiction Hope Forum.

During our time together we had a great discussion about the opioid crisis, how it has been affecting our first responders, and what the Calgary Fire Department is doing to provide support to individuals affected by the crisis. Though our jobs look very different from the outside I have come to realize that the Calgary Dream Centre and first responders are two sides of the same coin: We are working at different ends of the same crisis.

Notable Quotes From the Podcast

“We always have the worry that we are saving people who then aren’t getting treatment. And we’ve seen people where we go back time and time again and we are reviving the same people. To hear that some of those people are actually taking the step towards treatment and recovery is profound to hear so I appreciate hearing that.”

– Steve Dongsworth

“Don’t give up hope. You can do this. You can get beyond this. You know there is always a way to get to the place where you need to be if you are determined enough and have enough love and support around you. Keep pushing.”

– Steve Dongsworth

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  • Written by David Skidmore

    Manager of Alumni Services & Family ReVisioning David has been working with the Calgary Dream Centre since 2015. He has a Masters in Theology, a Doctorate in Leadership Development and Educational Systems. In his role at the Dream Centre, David manages Alumni Services and our family support program, ReVisioning the Family. Through these programs, David helps people with lives impacted by addiction understand recovery and gain hope for a better tomorrow. Originally from Oxford, Nova Scotia, David is a licensed skydiver and has raced sailboats in Toronto.

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