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Help us Rebuild from COVID 19

A message from our CEO, Jim Moore

 Help us Rebuild from COVID 19

To our CDC Community,

While the risk of contracting COVID 19 is slowly declining, and we see hope on the horizon as we are so close to entering Phase 3 of Alberta’s Open for Summer plan.  Addiction, mental health, and homelessness are still on the rise, and there is no vaccine that can stop the spread. We must continue to offer our services to the city of Calgary and “bend the curve” of the rise of homelessness and addiction cases.

As I reflect on COVID 19 and the changes it brought us, I will never forget the first day it was announced that a case had been diagnosed in Alberta. Within a day, all my administrative staff were working from home, our volunteer program was paused, new measures were in place to protect our residents and staff’s health. We cancelled our events and fundraisers and purchased all the PPE we could get our hands on.

I wondered, with all these changes, how would we continue to help the housing and addiction crises that is taking place within the city of Calgary? As I began to feel despair hit my spirit, I suddenly remembered the resilience of our residents. I have seen thousands during my time here overcome the affliction of addiction and step into lives of purpose and freedom.

If they could overcome hardship, so could we. This revelation filled my heart with fresh hope. I decided right then and there, rather than sink, we would build a boat that would weather the waves of the pandemic.

We became creative and stretched every dollar we have received from our generous community. We created new campaigns, with the goal of spreading hope in the city, like we do in our organization for our residents. 

We managed to house 702 individuals and help 158 men and women successfully graduate our recovery program. Our community came through for us and supported us in ways we could not have predicted. 

We made it through the worst of the pandemic.  Now, the hard work of re-building begins as we enter a phase with no restrictions but a tough economy, and we need your help!

Would you be willing to help us rebuild through donating your time or resources so we can continue to house vulnerable Calgarians?

Volunteer: We really missed our volunteers. They are a key part of helping us rebuild. Their service, time and love for our residents is invaluable.

Rebuild with Us: Would you consider helping us rebuild by supporting us monthly? A commitment as little as $1 a day can help us rebuild from the impact of COVID 19 so we can continue to house, feed and support those coming out of addiction and homelessness.

Donate: Every dollar goes towards helping us provide housing, counselling, nutritious meals, recovery treatment and so much to those who walk through our doors. Your gift directly impacts the wellbeing of a fellow Calgarian in need.

Thank you for helping us rebuild.

In gratitude,

Jim Moore,

CEO, Calgary Dream Centre

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  • Written by Jim Moore

    CEO/Executive Director, Jim Moore is a founding member of the Calgary Dream Centre. His passion and drive to see lives changed has guided the organization to where it is today. Jim entered the non-profit world after many years of leadership in business, banking, real-estate, and church ministry. During that time he served on a number of boards and his career moved him across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto, and back to Calgary, where he helped found the Calgary Dream Centre. He was president of the Calgary Real Estate Board CREB, and past president of Canada Trust Real Estate Division Canada.

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